Deleting a File

Sometimes it may be necessary to delete a spot entirely from Spotloader. Spots that are deleted will no longer be available to download or deliver to destinations. All previous deliveries will also receive a cancellation request so the spot can be purged from each location. After a spot has been deleted, its Media ID can be reused in Spotloader.

Instead of deleting a file you may wish to just cancel your file’s delivery instead. This will send a purge request to destinations the file was sent to but will keep the file available in Spotloader for future use.

We recommend appending the Media ID for revised spots with R1, R2, etc. even if the original spot has been deleted. This is an extra precaution in case a delivery destination does not properly purge the original file at their location.

How to delete a file

After navigating to the Media Details of the spot you wish to delete, click on the delete tab.

After selecting delete you will need to provide a brief description on why this spot is being deleted. This description will be sent as part of the cancellation request to any destination that the file was delivered to. Once you select “Delete File” and complete the confirmation this spot will be deleted.

If your deletion is an urgent matter: We recommend reaching out to your account representative at each destination the file was delivered to so they can confirm the purge request has been completed.

Updated on September 15, 2022